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Archbishop Marvin Ssozi,

2nd Rank Archbishop Jehovah Saints Uganda, Africa

Minister Marvin Ssozi, the visionary leader of Jehovah’s HOUSE of Saints, is on a mission to touch hearts and transform lives. His dedication to reaching out to school students and the wider community reflects a deep commitment to spiritual growth and compassion.

Jehovah’s HOUSE of Saints Programs
1. Homeless Shelter Program

The organization’s Homeless Shelter Program provides a safe haven for those in need. By offering shelter and support, they extend a lifeline to individuals facing homelessness. Their work goes beyond physical provisions; it’s about restoring dignity and hope to those who have lost their way.

2. Bible Classes in Schools Initiative

Jehovah’s HOUSE of Saints recognizes the importance of spiritual education within educational institutions. Their Bible Classes in Schools Initiative aims to foster a deeper understanding of faith, values, and morality. By bringing the teachings of the Bible into schools, they empower young minds with timeless wisdom.

3. Pro-Life Campaign

Advocating for the sanctity of life is at the core of Jehovah’s HOUSE of Saints. Their Pro-Life Campaign stands as a powerful voice against abortion and a reminder that every life is precious. Through education, awareness, and compassion, they strive to protect the vulnerable and uphold the value of human existence.

4. Prison Ministry

Behind prison walls, hope can seem distant. But Jehovah’s HOUSE of Saints believes in redemption and transformation. Their Prison Ministry reaches out to incarcerated individuals, offering spiritual guidance, emotional support, and a path toward healing. It’s a testament to the boundless love and forgiveness they extend to all.

Contact Information
  • Minister Marvin Ssozi

    • Location: Kampala, Uganda

    • Phone: +256 743034343

Jehovah Saints Global Outreach Headquarters
  • Address: 205 W Business US Highway 60, PMB 303, Dexter, MO 63841

  • Phone: +1-573-891-1933

The Jehovah Saints Global Outreach Headquarters serves as a hub for their impactful initiatives. Across borders, their commitment to spreading hope, compassion, and love knows no bounds. 🌎🙏🏽 Let us celebrate their unwavering dedication to making a positive difference in the lives of many. 🌟

Archbishop Marvin Ssozi,
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