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Evans Ontita


Pastor Evans Ontita, a man blessed with a loving wife and five children, leads a congregation that thrives on faith, compassion, and unity. Jehovah’s HOUSE of Saints, under his guidance, stands as a beacon for seekers of solace, spiritual guidance, and growth. Within its sacred walls, people from diverse backgrounds find strength in their shared faith.

Let’s delve into the impactful programs that define Jehovah’s HOUSE of Saints:

  1. Homeless Shelter Program: This initiative provides shelter and support to those in need, offering a safe haven for the vulnerable.

  2. Bible Classes in Schools Initiative: By promoting spiritual education within educational institutions, the organization aims to nurture faith and character development among students.

  3. Pro-Life Campaign: Advocating for the sanctity of life, Jehovah’s HOUSE of Saints stands firm in its commitment to protect and cherish every human life.

  4. Prison Ministry: Ministering to incarcerated individuals, the organization extends compassion and hope to those behind bars.

Pastor Evans Ontita Omabene leads this compassionate mission. If you seek solace, healing, or spiritual renewal, reach out to them:

Jehovah's HOUSE of Saints

Additionally, the Jehovah Saints Global Outreach Headquarters, situated at 205 W Business US Highway 60, PMB 303, Dexter, MO 63841, serves as a hub for their impactful initiatives. Let us join hands across borders, spreading love and goodwill during these challenging times. 🙏

Evans Ontita
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