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Rashid Saddique

Pastor @ AOG Church, Khānewāl, Punjab, Pakistan Affiliated Since March 3rd, 2024

Ps. Rashid Saddique, a pastor and missionary of the Gospel, hails from Khānewāl, Punjab, Pakistan. His journey in service and ministry spans several roles and experiences:

  1. Pastor at AOG Church:

    • Since January 2017, Ps. Rashid has been actively serving as a pastor at an Assemblies of God (AOG) church in Khanewal, Pakistan.

  2. Education:

    • He pursued studies at BZU private, specializing in City/Urban, Community, and Regional Planning during 2019.

  3. Volunteering and Leadership:

    • Ps. Rashid wears multiple hats within the church community:

      • Worshiper: Leading congregational worship.

      • Youth Leader: Guiding and mentoring young members.

      • Theological Teacher: Imparting spiritual knowledge.

      • Student: Continuously learning and growing.

    • His commitment to Civil Rights and Social Action underscores his dedication to making a positive impact.

Contact Pastor Rashid Saddique at link below:


Rashid Saddique
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