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Victor Odhiambo


New Volunteer Joins Jehovah Saints Global Outreach to Aid Homeless in Kenya

In a heartwarming display of compassion and community service, Pastor Victor Odhiambo has joined the ranks of Jehovah Saints Global Outreach as a volunteer. This noble initiative, spearheaded by the Bethel Church in Oyugis, Kenya, aims to tackle the pressing issue of homelessness that affects approximately 394,000 individuals within the country.

The church has embarked on a mission to gather offerings and organize fundraisers, with the goal of providing shelter, food, and clothing to those in need. In a collaborative effort, Michael Hopkins is working closely with Pastor Victor Odhiambo to establish Jehovah’s HOUSE of Saints Churches across Kenya. This ambitious project not only seeks to address the immediate needs of the homeless but also lays the groundwork for a broader network of support and care.

As part of this expansion, there is a potential for Pastor Victor Odhiambo to ascend to the position of Archbishop of Kenya in the future, which would place him at the helm of all Jehovah Saints affairs within the nation.

The headquarters of Jehovah Saints Global Outreach, nestled at 205 W Business US Highway 60, PMB 303, Dexter, MO, stands as a beacon of hope. It is from this location that initiatives of hope, compassion, and love are coordinated, reaching far beyond the confines of geographical borders.

Today, Wednesday, March 13, 2024, we extend a warm welcome to Pastor Victor and celebrate his commitment to service. May his involvement herald a new era of growth, healing, and spiritual enrichment for the community at large.

In these trying times, let us come together in solidarity, supporting one another and perpetuating the spirit of love and goodwill.

Victor Odhiambo
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