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Duke Moenga


Duke Moenga Appointed Pastor of Jehovah’s HOUSE of Saints in Kenya

By Michael Hopkins

Dexter, Missouri, March 10, 2024 — In a significant development, Founder and CEO Michael Hopkins of Jehovah Saints Global Outreach has announced the appointment of Duke Moenga as the Pastor of Jehovah’s HOUSE of Saints in Kenya. This appointment marks a pivotal moment for the organization and its mission to spread faith, compassion, and unity.

About Jehovah’s HOUSE of Saints

Jehovah’s HOUSE of Saints stands as a beacon of hope and spiritual nourishment. Its mission transcends geographical boundaries, welcoming seekers of solace, guidance, and growth. Within its hallowed walls, people from diverse backgrounds come together, finding strength in their shared faith.

Jehovah’s HOUSE of Saints Programs

The organization’s impactful initiatives are rooted in compassion and service:

  1. Homeless Shelter Program: Providing shelter and support to those in need.

  2. Bible Classes in Schools Initiative: Promoting spiritual education within educational institutions.

  3. Pro-Life Campaign: Advocating for the sanctity of life.

  4. Prison Ministry: Ministering to incarcerated individuals.

These programs touch lives, offering hope and healing to those who seek it.

Address and Contact Information

For those seeking spiritual nourishment or wishing to connect with Jehovah’s HOUSE of Saints, here are the details:

  • Pastor Duke Moenga

  • Jehovah’s HOUSE of Saints

  • P.O. Box 63, Ogembo, Kisii County, Kenya

  • Phone: +254739031946

Jehovah Saints Global Outreach Headquarters

The Jehovah Saints Global Outreach Headquarters, located at 205 W Business US Highway 60, PMB 303, Dexter, MO 63841, serves as a hub for their impactful initiatives. Their commitment to spreading hope, compassion, and love resonates across borders, transcending geographical boundaries.

May this appointment usher in a season of growth, healing, and spiritual renewal for the community. Let us join hands in supporting one another and continue to spread love and goodwill in these challenging times. 🙏

Duke Moenga
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