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Pakistan: A Call for Clean Water

Jehovah Saints Archbishop Sohail Masih

Punjab, Pakistan: A Call for Clean Water

In the heart of Punjab, Pakistan, Archbishop Sohail Masih has been a beacon of hope for his community. However, his recent arrest. The charges against him stem from a Facebook post that was perceived as insulting to Islam. This incident highlights the delicate balance between freedom of expression and religious sensitivity.

But beyond the legal complexities, there’s a pressing issue that affects everyone in the region: access to clean water. In many remote areas of Punjab, open water reservoirs pose serious health risks due to contamination and pollution. Vulnerable communities, often rural, become hotspots for waterborne diseases. Archbishop Sohail Masih’s plea for water hand pumps is a cry for a basic necessity that transcends religious boundaries.

The Water Crisis in Punjab

  • Contaminated Water: Open water sources are susceptible to pollution, leading to waterborne illnesses. The lack of proper sanitation exacerbates the problem.

  • Community Hand Pumps: Organizations like Alkhidmat have stepped up to address this challenge. Community hand pumps provide a protective solution where resources and awareness are limited.

  • Local Initiatives: Local leaders, including Archbishop Sohail Masih, advocate for clean water access. Their efforts are crucial in raising awareness and mobilizing support.


  1. Water Hand Pumps: Need water hand pumps in communities can significantly improve access to clean water. These manual pumps are cost-effective and require minimal maintenance.

Prayer and Action:

As we pray for Archbishop Sohail Masih and his community, let’s also commit to practical steps. Clean water is a fundamental right, regardless of religious affiliations. By supporting initiatives like water hand pumps, we can make a tangible difference in people’s lives.

May our prayers be accompanied by action, and may clean water flow freely in Punjab, Pakistan.

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